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Alina Petrova’s mother died of cancer twenty-five years ago. 


At least, that’s what Alina was always told. 

Set to launch her career in artificial intelligence, the brilliant and beautiful software engineer learns the painful truth—her parents were Russian spies when her mother disappeared in America. Now desperate to find her mother, Alina puts her skills to work in Chicago as an agent for a Russian cyber warfare organization. At night she poses as a “Sugar Baby,” luring lonely American CEOs into blackmail--by day she builds A.I. to search for clues to her mother’s fate.

Hot on Alina’s trail is Special Agent Lucas Foley, an ambitious FBI agent living in the shadow of his hero father. Shot and wounded during a failed drug bust, Agent Foley is reassigned to the unfamiliar world of cybercrime to track down a mysterious hacker. 

In a sequel to Sheinbaum’s first novel, MEMORIES LIVE HERE, REVEALED moves back and forth between cat and mouse as these two brilliant but haunted agents plunge into the dangerous world of 21st century technological warfare. 

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